Holidays – Relax, Reflect and Reform

Like me, have you also wondered how we use the word “holidays” for vacations? Where are you going for holidays… when you are on holidays… etc etc.

In a light bulb moment, it occurred to me that in past people used pilgrimage to achieve same or at least similar outcomes. That is – Relax, Reflect and Reform

Vacations is a time when we can get away from daily mundane activities, relax (if we can) and recharge. Experiences during the travel can be great opportunity to learn and understand what really matters in life. We see different places, different people and gain many experiences. It is also an opportunity to reset the past and start a new beginning for future activities.

Perhaps, in past people did this as a part of their religious activity to reform their future through Relax, Reflect and Reform action chain. On the journey and at the pilgrimage, they met learned sages and fellow travellers to benefit from their experiences. This, they termed as getting rid of old sins and beginning of a new future life (hopefully a good one).

This month in India, millions of people will join Kumbh Mela. It is a hindu religious belief that old sins gets washed away by having a dip in holy waters. May be it was their way to Relax, Reflect and Reform, and have a fresh start for better future.

In any case, if we can keep, Relax, Reflect and Reform, in mind for each of our holidays. Learn from each travel and every time we are on holidays, to be a better person in future. It will be a good return from the investment of our time, efforts and money.

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23 thoughts on “Holidays – Relax, Reflect and Reform

  1. I’ve thought about these things a lot. I often find holidays more stressful than anything useful. By far the best I have had, have been Buddhist walking retreats (Dharmayatra) in the countryside, which can be truly transformative. With the family it is harder, but learning new skills in nature is always good – skiing, canoeing, or just walking in the mountains and swimming in the sea. Such places, especially the sea always inspires relaxation, reflection and hopefully reform, and keep the children amused at the same time. I have often thought that the British exodus to the seaside in summer is a thinly disguised pilgrimage, and it should be – not quite mother Ganga, but being anointed by the sea, which connects and massages the land, drives our weather and stores our water – the water of life.

    • I’m kind of on the same boat as Basho on feeling stressed during holidays. I work in finance and am expected to be “available” at all times, even when I’m “on vacation.” This past weekend, I went “away” for a weekend and was incessantly checking my phone to make sure I did not miss a work-related email. And while I did not have to end up doing any work during my short trip, I felt extremely stressed out as a result of worrying about what I might have to do. I honestly don’t know if I can ever have a stress-free vacation/weekend as long as I’m in this industry.

  2. Wow! What an insightful post! I liked it 🙂 I believe that everyone has their own way of going through the Relax, Reflect and Reform holidays. Mine is silencing all thoughts, all words, and just being in the silence – helps me think. Thanks again! – Sharm @

  3. Agree with the ” Concept of Relax and Reborn ” !!! Of course it is not always necessary to be in ” Doing ” something and this is our Society main problem , we ” Are ” Less and Less in ” Being ” and more and more in ” Doing ” !! Thanks fr your inspirational posts !!! 🙂

  4. I think your last paragraph says it all “…if we can keep, Relax, Reflect and Reform, in mind for each of our holidays. Learn from each travel and every time we are on holidays, to be a better person in future. It will be a good return from the investment of our time, efforts and money.”

    Well said.

  5. I followed you back to your blog after you liked one of my posts (thanks). Very interesting thank you but I would go one stage further. It is only the need to Conform which stops us from extending the Relax,Reflect,Reform philosophy beyond holidays and into our entire lives. Why should we spend this precious time we have spending much of it working, acquiring stuff, maintaining relationships we are not benefitting from etc? I suggest that life is about more than that, and I am striving to RR and R always. There is no need to restrict yourself to holidays or vacations because life should be one big holiday anyway. That’s my aim, and I may not succeed because I am swimming against the current, but I will enjoy myself in the attempt.

  6. I could not agree with you more. I wrote about this topic once myself. We need time to think, time to reflect. Our fast paced world is too fast and squeezes out our vital thought time which will save us from a multitude of mistakes and heartache! Well said!

  7. While I love the craziness of traveling and getting outside of my element, most people I know feel the opposite. Not that they will all appreciate it, but I’ll share your perspective of how traveling should be embraced.

  8. I liked your post and your technique to get me to comment…makes a great deal of sense. Kepp ’em coming!

  9. Maybe “holiday” is a derivation of “Holy day” when attention was shifted from mundane to holy things, or supposed to be. Putting aside the ordinary to reflect on living seems a provision of so many belief systems, though less often actually accomplished! Spiritual renewal from the waters of the Ganges or from priestly absolution or any other source appears a necessity for such precariously balanced natures as our species displays; it seems likely we’ll need that in whatever form until somebody does something about our DNA!

  10. And yes I am feeling good so I will follow your instruction and send you a comment. Your message is very powerful. I can actually feel the healing and positive energy coming through your posts. Keep up the writing. The world needs more positive, doesnt it? Thank you also for staying connected to our online beauty store posts.

  11. Resetting, to me, is the best part of a vacation (or holiday). I like the feeling of going back to my normal life feeling recharged and ready to take on the world. So often, our daily lives can seem overwhelming, and it can take a good vacation to get us out of that pattern. Thank you for liking my blog post #BlogFlash2013 Day 5: Health!

  12. We can only achieve peace in silence… and by communing with ourselves. There are too much chaos and complications in life that is why vacations or holidays are created by people. Thanks for this post. Namaste.

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