Guru: Teacher – one is good, many is better, self is best.

You might have read or told that it is necessary to have a Guru, in order to get real knowledge. The word Guru, in Sanskrit, is a term which generally means “teacher”. On further investigation, I found more explanations for this term, as a combined word for two sounds Gu and Ru – which means darkness (ignorance) and light (knowledge) respectively. In other words Guru is a remover of ignorance, or the one that takes you from darkness to bright light – shows you the right way.

However it raises more questions in one’s mind. Is Guru a person, channel, medium, a combination of these or all of these? More you read, investigate and experience you find more explanations. Some say only we should have only one Guru, as many will confuse you – so keep it simple. Others will say, one Guru might not have answer for everything. It might also be risky to just have one Guru, just in case it happens to be a wrong one.

There are many examples of excellent Gurus who have given so much to people, at the same time there are examples of rogues disguised as Guru to cheat and fraud. If you have a learning attitude, you can learn from people, animals, plants, nature – almost from everything around you.

My thoughts on this topic are as following.

  • Guru is a source of knowledge.
  • It is necessary to have a Guru.
  • It is even better to have many Gurus, many sources of knowledge, that you can manage.
  • You have to make final decision for what is best for you, for everything and in every case. So self-education, investigation and evaluation is absolutely essential.
  • You are your own guru, and the best one (along with other sources).

I am sorry; there is no escape form this responsibility. But the rewards will be many and progress will be continuous. Happiness for ever!

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Namo Namah.



15 thoughts on “Guru: Teacher – one is good, many is better, self is best.

  1. I love your take Avnish….I believe much as you. I do believe that we can be our own Guru to a certain point, but to fully self-realize we must have one or more Gurus. As I do not have an actually living teacher yet I look to Anandamayi Ma as my Guru. But my inner Guru never seems to steer me wrong and has led me to the teachings of many a good spiritual teacher… I owe it to my inner Guru to have led me to the teachings of the Vedas and the Gita, which has changed my life in amazing ways.

    Jai Ma

  2. I agree, Avnish. The best teacher for each one of us is oneself, which does not mean we cannot learn from teachers. We do, but, like you said, the final decision is always ours. Only we know what we carry in our baggage.
    It is funny because I have had a post about this ready for a while (more than a year), and I thought I had published it, but I can’t seem to find it in my blog, so maybe I never published it. But yes, that is what my focus on that post: we are our own best teachers!

  3. First off, I wanted to thank you for the ‘like’ on the article I posted today. However, I poked around your blog a bit, and naturally this entry captured my interest.

    As a coach, teacher, director, I agree with the use of many teachers to access roundness. I also, very strongly, agree with trusting oneself as the real compass to learning… Or, rather, trusting oneself to be the guide to good guides.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Any journey of the soul must begin with the self. You are of course your own best guru, and yes that does indeed imply taking responsibility for all that occurs to you and within you, as it is my belief that our lives are a reflection of our selves. Based on the premise that, ‘you create your own reality’. I think sometimes having that level of clarity about one’s life can seem a little intimidating and indeed daunting because the implications of taking responsibility for your whole experience are huge when you really think about it. It is a powerful experience, but inevitably an extremely positive one, and one that changes who you are at a very fundamental level.
    It is equally valuable to look to those around you, the events that occur for clues as to the nature of your own thoughts and beliefs. Nothing happens to you by accident, or by random chance, if you dare to notice then it will become apparent that everything and everyone is linked in some way. It makes you realise that you fit in to your world perfectly, and that’s quite humbling.
    Thank you Avnish for liking my blog today, it’s great to meet a likeminded soul and to read your wonderful insights.

    Thank you and blessings, Maria a.k.a Ishaiya

  5. Learning: the teacher can show you the road, but it’s YOU must walk it.
    (It took me a lifetime to finally take that one onboard.)

    If I had to be a Guru I’d have just one major piece of advice for my victim:

    “If nothing else … always look for the contradiction; and be aware that contradictions simply cannot exist. If ever you find an apparent contradiction look to your premises because one of them at least is wrong.”

  6. Such brilliant words, thank you for airing my thoughts on this..I can’t wait to share this with others. We are our own best teachers provided we are willing to still the mind and listen.

  7. The best teacher is the self, true, but we need training to hear the inner being. Of course, the Guru is the trainer, but FOCUS is essential. No matter what, or who, we need to focus on ONE guru (remember Ekalavya who took Drona as his guru even tho Drona refused him in person). To listen to many gurus is to be a hypochondriac who doesn’t know which of the many medicines on the shelf work for him, or like a shopper spending too much money on inferior quality. Focus=belief=faith=inner sight…….:)

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