Mindful Eating: More Energy, Proper Weight, and Better Health

Thanks for a very good feedback for my earlier blog on Therapeutic Hunger: Habitual Mindless eating to Mindful eating  I hope people some get benefit from it.

I would like to share my thoughts on Mindful eating. Get some clarity on what it is, what are the benefits and how we can develop it.

Most of time, we are multitasking while eating. Either having business meetings, reading something, watching TV or even catching up with family. All these activities are important, no doubt about it. However, if we think with calm mind, is eating important as well? Think about it !

Most of us are time poor, now days; we need to do lot of tasks. However, if we are low on energy, unsteady in mind, and suffer from any health issues – does that help to get more done by multitasking? Ask yourself

Whatever your level of health, if you spare some time to eat well, properly, and mindfully. You are likely to be more efficient and get more done in rest of your time. You are likely to get more done, in less time and might even have spare time for further improvements or help others more.

Think about the food, ingredients, and taste in every bite. Pay attention to food breaking down all organs in body fully engaged in digestion, and nutrients transfer to cells. Be thankful and happy to make the process even better. Your organs will appreciate the attention and reward you with more nutrition, energy and health. By all means do business meetings, family time or watch TV during meal time if you have to, but use that to slow eating or delay eating. Pay full attention to food, and eating as a primary goal at that time, as it is extremely important. Be smart about it.

Mindful eating will improve Body, Mind and Senses to work in harmony and provide you immense paybacks. Get freed from unconscious habitual living, practice mindfulness. Slowly but surely, you will be pleasantly surprised, that all the excuses don’t hold up.

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19 thoughts on “Mindful Eating: More Energy, Proper Weight, and Better Health

  1. Thank you for reminding us to take time to not only enjoy what we eat but also to eat properly. Nowadays everything is so fast paced and people do too many things in one day that sometimes they do not take the time to enjoy little things in life that make up their entire life. (Hope that makes sense lol) =)

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  3. I stopped eating meat about a year ago, and have never felt better than when I chucked out my TV and am able to sit down and eat properly. And no mobile phone or clocks and watches which went into the bin.

    Thank you for sharing this information, I love your blog.

    Love, Peace & Joy

  4. I’m guilty of mindless eating and TV watching or using the computer because I don’t have a lot of time everyday. But I do work hard on paying attention to how much I eat nowadays. I have a smaller plate serving, healthier snacks in between meals, and I also take a piece of chocolate (a little salty then sweet). So I don’t overindulge by not having any sweets. (I have a sweet tooth!)

    I never add salt to any recipe unless it is a tiny dash and there is no salt in any of the ingredients for the recipe.

    I also drink a lot of water throughout the day.

    My husband and I try to take turns cooking and doing the dishes (although I do much of it! 🙂 ) so we don’t eat out and order too much and overeat. This way we know what’s going into our food.

    Thanks, this was a great post.

  5. I really was curious about this ‘mindful eating’ idea and decided to give it a try. Usually I eat while multitasking, writing on the computer, watching TV and after reading your blog I decided to try and eat just sitting at the table. No music, no distraction just me and my food. It was fine. I really thought about my food and just ate it all up. But the interesting thing was just tonight I ate while watching TV and I felt the need to sit at the table with no distractions. I actually felt like my food wasn’t digesting as well while watching TV. I also noticed that I ate really fast. SO thank you for the information. I’m going to practice mindful eating more often now.

  6. When I used to work for a Chinese Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine College the students used to say that you should only eat and not do anything else while eating so your stomach could process that you were full. I think about it now and again but I still eat and do something at the same time.

  7. I really liked this post. I have been researching a lot lately how certain foods affect everything inside and outside of our body. In some instances one can change their diet instead of taking many meds and vitamins. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. I have taken several mindfulness classes and have practiced mindful eating, but it is amazing how soon I forget. Thank you for coming by my blog so I would be directed here. I think my weightloss program may have some direction to it now. Thank you again.

  10. The real key to healthy eating is to eat a very large variety of different certified organic foods with very little processed food in the mix. Your taste buds will never get bored and if the variety is great enough you will even get trace minerals from your food which is so hard to get today from mass produced food which is grown in soil depleted of micro nutrients.

  11. Thank you for that great reminder! I´ve started to be more conscious while eating but it needs practice and discipline, something I rather lack 🙂

    Anyway thank your for sharing!

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