Soul: life force, field, and energy

It is a well known scientific principle, that all objects that carry different form of energy radiate that energy to their environment. Hot objects radiate head, cold objects spread coolness. Human are no different, we all radiate some form of energy. How much we can feel it is only limited by the ability of our senses. We have heard terms like aura, charisma, magnetism, in some people. Perhaps they carry this energy more than what we think is normal, but we all have this energy in us.

This morning, during my morning walk, I stopped by a pond and saw few fish quietly swimming in the water. It was an image of peace, contentment and tranquillity. Perhaps this was the energy radiating from the current state of these fish. Suddenly, a white Ibis flew in and that created a panic among the fish, and that scene transformed into panic. They were now radiating a different energy.

Could this internal energy that we carry is called Soul  ?

Our senses are limited, as we can see, hear, feel, taste and smell only a within a narrow range. We only have limited range of frequencies that we can see, anything outside that range we can’t see: as an example ultraviolet rays, x-rays, radiofrequencies or infrared rays, we can feel their effects but can’t see them. Also, our senses are only differential, that is we only sense difference. When we see some object it only the difference between the object and its surroundings that we see. If the object and surroundings are not different colours, we don’t see the object – even when the object is there. Similarly, we lose the smell of an environment, when we are in that environment for some time, no matter how good or bad.

My point is that all our senses are differential in nature and have limited range. So could it be that soul:  life force, field, and energy – exists, but we can sense or feel only partially. Another example we could use is a glass of water has millions of water drops, but we can’t see them. As they all look the same together, if same water are sprayed in air we can see them. So they must exist even in glass of water.

Whatever, it is. One thing is sure, if you are a carrier of peace and purity – you will radiate that energy. It will make you happy and this world a better place for all.

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30 thoughts on “Soul: life force, field, and energy

  1. One thing is sure, if you are a carrier of peace and purity – you will radiate that energy. It will make you happy and this world a better place for all. IN FULL AGREEMENT. To achieve this goal one needs to control through intelligence, the function of five active sense organs, five latent sense organs and mind and direct them to realize the SELF. Every living thing is beyond this body cover. Train your activate your senses to see energy emitted by other bodies.

  2. I believe that people should focus on both sides of life, the negative and the positive since all of them are lessons for the soul. We keep promoting peace by ignoring the pain coming from a war, we just prefer to ignore it cos we are not ready to handle the pain. You can’t experience balance without imbalance, it’s like trying to break the universal duality.

    • Yes, you are right. Pleasure and Pain, up and down, light and dark – all these are comparative terms. What is pleasure for some, might be considered an extreme pain to other. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

  3. I find myself to be the most peaceful, mindful, and balanced in nature. Sunlight rejuvinating my mind, body, and soul darkens the negativity that I am feeling around me. I find myself to be more mindful as my body is able to roam the earth and enjoy what Mother Nature has given us. The cycle of life involves birth, death, and chaos at times, it the ability to process what is going on along with reaction of the event that creates lessons learned.

  4. I agree with your thoughts. Positive energy is attractive and most creatures, including humans, tend to steer clear of negative energy. Surrounding oneself with positive energy is the key to a healthy and successful life.

    Your statement about hot and cold things radiating energy reminded me of how happy I am when the sun is shining down on me and how gloomy I feel when I don’t see the sun for a while. We physically need the sun for energy and it affects our moods, which is quite extraordinary.

  5. I think we do all radiate energy, both negative and positive. Some people can radiate such negative energy that they can really bring us down, even when they are people whom we love. Others uplift you and make you feel sunny and optimistic. I aim to radiate joyfulness and happiness.

  6. All objects radiate energy (living & non-living). With our limited senses we are unable to see radiated enegy. Due to conditioning of our mind we creat our own comfort zones and we use terms like “loved ones” and “unloved ones”. On the other hand we can be neutral and open minded. Fear with in us radiate negative energy. Be fearless. Every being and every object is related to us. Condtion your mind to live in harmony and see a marked change all around you.

  7. I like the way you put it…. “Condition your mind to live in harmony and see a marked change all around you”

    so true…change starts from within and spreads all around.

    Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  8. “So could it be that soul:  life force, field, and energy – exists, but we can sense or feel only partially.” An excellent question — one of the themes I am trying to explore in my fiction. On a global scale this partial feeling of “soul” seems to be aiming for a coalescence of spirit and matter and a greater awareness of the “other” as part of oneself.

    • you may want to check out the Upanishads if you haven’t already. the theme is that all things are the ‘self’- different forms of the same thing. this is how i understood it anyway

  9. Don’t forget that we don’t just radiate energy – we a ARE energy, and therefore are all the same – just vibrating on different levels – likewise there is no actual death (of the soul) just a change in energy. Ultimately we are all one.

  10. when i do things that cause a positive frame of mind people respond much better to me and my ideas- like they lost their validity if i failed to feel something real as a person. People can just pick up on this and they don’t pick up what your laying down unless you feel it yourself.

  11. “Our senses are differential in nature and have limited range. So could it be that soul: life force, field, and energy – exists, but we can sense or feel only partially.”
    A complex question to answer. For the past few weeks I have been reflecting on this relation between the body and life. On the surface it appears that so long we live our body radiates different spectrum of energy. Answered question is; who lives in the body? The one who lives in the body is he/she/that different from body?
    If it is real; what relation “that” has to energy with in the grasp of our senses? Is it beyond our body and mind?

    • Fully agree with your thoughts. It is certainly outside normal range of senses. We can’t see, hear, touch, smell or taste it. That is why we have to either expand our senses or use indirect ways to feel it. I think…. Thanks very much for sharing your insights.

  12. I agree with the theory that we give off energy…and I also agree that you can continue to do this your entire life. Age means nothing. It all depends on how you feel towards the world as to the “degree” of energy you radiate outwards….

  13. Yes, I agree that we are multi-sensored and have different levels. Plus, whatever we focus on, we experience more of, good or bad. So the work is to develop our range of perception but then narrow the field to only those influences that evolve us and lifts our soul. Very thought-provoking post!

  14. For a short time in my life, I had achieved that radiation of calm, and peacefulness. I became a magnet for all things. It is entirely possible to exist, and be, in that state indefinitely.
    I can honestly say one day I blocked it in a panic.. some things I didn’t like I attracted (in example, like the bird over the fish, I was the fish) and since then, its been difficult to reconnect to it.

    For me, the experience was close to being in stage 1 of in love. Every moment held meaning, every experience was vivid and colorful, I felt alive and strong, my soul felt larger than my body could hold, and my heart was wide open. I have been working ever since to get back to that place within myself.

    Wonderful post, thank you for it, and thanks for liking my work also!

  15. The way I see it is that energy cannot be adequately understood as defined by the physical world. It can be analyzed, seen, directed and received but it’s real value is beyond.

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  17. This is the first time I’ve read one of your posts, and I love this one. The phenomenon that we radiate the energy we are “wearing” goes largely unrecognized. If a wife is stressed from a difficult day, her husband may not sleep well next to her, because he is exposed to her stressed energy for the night. Happiness energy is contagious, not only because we see a happy person smile, but because we feel their field of energy, and our own system answers with the energy of happiness. Thanks for a great article. May I reblog?

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