Understand Digestion: Good Eating, Better Feeling and Excellent Health

Just like a well-cooked recipe needs a delicate balance of Ingredients, water and fire. Digestion also needs all these three elements.

Choose your food carefully: Nice mix of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and other minerals

Nice Drink: enhance taste, good feeling, and also might have ingredients in liquid form

Fire: Hunger is this element that signals organs of digestive track to perform effectively.

First two elements of this mix are understood very well, but the fire in the belly is used only in idioms. It is this fire in the belly, that we need and in the right balance to digest and well balanced food.

I coined a term “Therapeutic Hunger”, in my previous blog. I want to make sure to differentiate this term from extreme dieting. I think, extreme dieting, many people use to lose weight, is quite harmful.

We need right amount of tension and tuning of various strings of Guitar to produce musical notes. Any more or less will result in unpleasant sounds. We also need food, drink and fire in the right balance to digest food for Good Eating, Better Feeling and Excellent Health.

By paying attention to what we eat, when we eat and how we eat through “Mindful Eating” – e can build our senses to learn this balance of food, drink and fire. We need to pay attention to our body and feelings to make this a habit, which will serve us well to good health and happy life.

Best wishes!

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Namo Namah.


9 thoughts on “Understand Digestion: Good Eating, Better Feeling and Excellent Health

  1. I am enjoying your posts – thank you. I am trying to lose just a little weight and find your ideas worth trying. It helps me to think that a little hunger is good but extreme measures unnecessary. Patience is the key. Eating well but sensibly, listening to my body and appreciating food – all good advice. Good health is more important than a measure on a scale 🙂

  2. Very good points about nutrition. A friend used to say, “garbage in, garbage out” to describe what you’re putting in your body and what kind of results you can expect from it. Personally, I’m still trying to work on the concept of eating more slowly and mindfully so I don’t over do the good ingredients, which pack on just as many pounds when you over do them too.
    Good Content, be well.

  3. Note: Red meat is hard to digest. If you have a delicate tummy, don’t over do it with the read meat.

  4. First time I’ve heard the concept that hunger is what triggers the function of digestion. By lovingly listening to our body’s signals of hunger, we can encourage its optimum function. Thanks for this insight!

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