Consume: More, Less or Yoga – Paradox

Consume less, eliminate waste, keep costs low, and become efficient: Businesses, Governments, and smart people understand this very well for themselves, but they want everyone else to buy more, eat more, or consume more to grow their business, economy or wealth.

Businesses understand the value of cost control. They deploy every possible means to keep the costs low, eliminate the waste for their operations. They employ specialised techniques like: lean six sigma, just in time etc. to name a few. However they want their customers to buy more, so they can grow their business. They also pay marketing professionals to influence our thinking and behaviour to consume more of their products. Isn’t this a paradox?

Governments, particularly in capitalist democracies, also want their economy to grow continuously. For this to happen their GDP should grow, in other words – produce more. This indirectly will need their own population and people in other country to consume more. However, it is true, they understand to their spending low or at least in control. Isn’t this a paradox?

At personal level also, in this day and age, most people want to earn more. In doing so, they need to increase other people’s consumption. At their personal level, they also understand the importance of keeping the costs low.

Today, obesity has become an epidemic and it is growing. On one hand governments want to address this issue, while on the other they want to keep increasing consumption. Isn’t this a paradox?

In one of my previous blogs, I wrote about Yoga. Most people think of this term meaning “Union”. I think it is a philosophy of “Harmonious Integration”. I think, if we can understand this concept; we might be able to  address this mindless  pursuit of continuous growth that is proving very counterproductive.

We should consume more or less should be decided by every individual for their needs and conditions. Never over eat or over consume, it is bad for your body, mind and senses. Use the concept of “Therapeutic Hunger” in building this behavior.

We all need to get back to basics and take our own individual control. Be your own Guru and Help others and be well yourself.

Best wishes!

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Namo Namah.


17 thoughts on “Consume: More, Less or Yoga – Paradox

  1. Yes, paradox. I am aware that my understanding of economics is too weak to comment on the consumer culture. But my understanding of spirituality tells me that wasting creates harm, sharing and giving creates it’s own abundance and change starts inside. I understand that while living on this planet, I choose to live as best as I am able. I choose to live and learn love as best as I am able. That’s it! That’s all I know… Thanks for your post.

  2. I’m feeling spectacularly lazy today (it’s a holiday here after all). This is one of most challenging conundrums facing us. An expectation of perpetual growth cannot be sustainable over an indefinite time period. On the other hand, no one wants large scale unemployment and people starving in the streets. Shrinking production means more people without work or a means to pay the rent.

      • Even with the insatiable greed, there is still enough on this Earth for us all. This is the only planet we will ever know (habitat) and with that beig said Allah has made sure it is sufficient enough and he is making sure we do not destroy his trillions of years of work. I completely agree with your concept. I also wanted to know if I could bum the ending of this post to help inspire some more comments on my own blog?

  3. A strong moral dilemma. On one hand, we are learning to practice conscientious, and be fully aware and present to our immediate actions and feelings. On the other hand, the belief systems we have adopted through our lives from our parents and other influences can be a strong tide that, when we are in fear, can be very difficult to pull away from. Especially if it provides us old comfort. Adding in both our environmental and economical responsibilities, which also seem to be warring, can be extremely overwhelming.

    My feeling is the only way out of this paradox is to shed our belief systems around man-made concepts that have created caste systems, like money and employment, and go back to the basics. Let’s learn to take care of our communities, and redefine globalization.

  4. Love your post. Agree with each word.
    To me, yoga is a peace in my mind. Also, a peace between my body and my mind.
    When, I used to live in Ukraine (that is where I was born) I would consume less things and be more happy. Now, living in America, I have lot’s of things, but, honestly, they don’t make me happier. If they do, it is only for a short time.
    What really makes me happy, is my health, my running, walking, socializing with my friends. No material thing would ever replace them. Too bad, in our modern life, businesses with their marketing strategies are trying to proof the opposite.

  5. When practicing yoga on the mat, the only thing holding us back from reaching full potential is our ego. “Full potential” in yoga would be letting go of negativity, concentrating on our breath, and recognizing our body’s needs. Going through the motions in a yoga class wondering what time it is, is a waste of the practice.

    Reaching our “full potential” in life would be letting go of the negative, working together as a culture and furthermore following Buddha’s teachings “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” When you let go of your own ego, others will follow.

    Your simple outline does indeed prove to be a complex paradox. I do believe there is a fair and equal balance, but in order to achieve that balance everyone must relinquish their ego and their greed.

  6. I like your post and approach – thanks. Your review of the meaning of yoga is food for thought. May I recommend the book the Paradox of Choice – why more is less by Barry Schwarz? It explores why we consume so much and why we should be considering good enough rather than the best in our consumer choices.

  7. i’ve been dancing on the edge of this lately myself. what we all long for is a depth of connection and meaning, and failing to find it, we compensate with shallow abundance. in my business i’ve been trying to address this by forging a few really deep and productive connections rather than trying to drum up lots of interest over a large field. i like the analogy of water—shallow water spreads over a large area, but still water sinks ever deeper. thanks for your words, and the reminder!

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