Best Anti-aging Drug: Habits, Reactions and Life Style

Happiness is the best solution that will not only slow the aging process, but also improve overall health and wellbeing.

Good news is that it is in our control. Happiness is a reaction to circumstances and conditions, so it is something that we control. Sure, past conditioning, and habits determine how one will react to particular situation, circumstances, or conditions.

If you get or do what you like, you are LUCKY. If you like what you get or do, you are HAPPY !

Just like old habits, new habits can be learnt as well. I think this should make sense.

Some of the concepts I have shared earlier might also help.

  1. Essential elements of Happiness
  2. Eat well: What, When and How much ( Therapeutic Hunger  and Mindful Eating)
  3. Be Calm and Relaxed
  4. Become a carrier of peace and purity and radiate happiness

Try whatever you can; it will make you better, happier and healthier.

I will share more tips and practical instruction in my future blogs….

Namo Namah.


23 thoughts on “Best Anti-aging Drug: Habits, Reactions and Life Style

  1. While it is true that happiness is good for you and can to some degree be learned, I would disagree that it can be learned by trying to do it. Or by attempting to become a carrier of peace and whatnot. Negative emotions often contain valuable information. Allowing them to drive us to lash out at others may not be a good use of them, but they themselves do not harm the other. Sometimes our strength does require somethings other than sweetness and light. Being happy nearby will not break up a fight. I have read that Buddhist monks see indiscriminate sweetness as ‘idiot compassion’ whereas true compassion involves treating others as if they can control their actions and care for themselves to some degree, and tailoring your approach (or lack of one) to the real sittuation. Some keys to happiness (that don’t depend on money jobs or other people) might be meditation, expression. But the learning curve can be rather steep, especially for a person who is already ‘running on empty’. Trying to control your thoughts to only put out positive vibes on the other hand, in my experience, stifles expressions, aggravates obsession, mania, depression and anxiety. Although since you aren’t saying the thoughts will become reality, it may only irritate depression anxiety and lack of expression.

    • Nothing can happen unless a person tries first, including finding a lasting happiness. It has to do with learning about who you are and accepting yourself–even if it means accepting that you are not always going to be happy. Once you are happy with you–for all of your good and bad–you might notice certain habits and reactions slipping away, you might notice that where you once would have been angry or dissatisfied you have more positive emotions.

  2. You will like this Facebook Group” Happsters” is about being happy! I agree that our basic nature is happiness and all we need to do is let go of what it is that stands in the way of happiness. Not that it is an easy thing to do, but it is possible. I like how Krishnamurti said that his secret is: “I don’t mind what happens” – there is a lot of wisdom in that 🙂 Great article! Tomas

    • Thanks for your note, Jack !

      I found your writings full of experience and wisdom.
      One of your blog says ” There is so much to see and do in this wonderful world I have to remind myself not to be greedy. We can never experience it all; wanting to fit too much into the day diminishes our joy”

      This attitude can solve so much of today’s problems, if people can be contend with so much they already have. Thanks very much.

  3. The ‘eat well’ concept really struck a cord with me. I’m trying to gain control over my eating habits. Successful sometimes and sometimes not. But I’ve really noticed how eating affects my mood. If I eat healthy I feel at peace and even happy where as when I eat badly (too much sugar) I feel down. Interesting….

  4. In my experience, people talk about happiness, healthy emotions, and healthy living far more than they DO these things. Fast food still predominates. Healthy food sections in our stores are still considered ‘alternatives’, as are medical and health care approaches other than mainstream.

    I am not crying in my soup about these realities in the culture and community in which I live, simply pointing out that these factors are still at the relatively superficial and theoretical level. As a culture, we still don’t believe as expressed in our behaviours. We are still talking and wishing.

    Yet, are talking and wishing not common starting points? I am glad to see that we have gained at least this much ground. And that each of us as individuals can make choices of our own.

  5. I really liked your perspective on happiness, and how you described it as a reaction to your own circumstance. It’s a fresh way to approach the idea happiness, but it makes all the sense in the world! Even better, circumstance can be directly affected by each of us, therein, happiness is always attainable. Forever an optimist, I enjoyed the genius simplicity of it all.

  6. The point is people are talking that they live healthy or doing something for theirselfs. But the question is if their talking etails any real activities?

  7. Good point and I agree with you. By looking at our thought-patterns and listen to what we say, we can change negative to positive. In minor, unimportant matters, the negative often wins out; “Oh no, it’s raining again” – negative pattern. “Rain is good, water is life” – positive pattern. (especially as there is nothing you can do about it) Just by looking at some very small things and changing them from no to yes will raise our feeling of well-being. I have done this for years and I help my clients to do the same with brilliant results.

  8. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.

    I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger
    if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

  9. Thanks for taking time to comment and compliment. I am sorry about your earlier comment, not sure what happened.

    As to any suggestions for writing blog, I don’t consider myself an expert in this area. But what ever little I can suggest is to be true to yourself, and your values. These will reflect through your writings.

    I just share my thoughts without any expectations of any return or results. I guess, my only self interest is perhaps some satisfaction that it might help someone. Just few seed thoughts for health and happiness.

    Best Wishes


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