Metabolic Engagement: Good Health, Great Body and Fantastic Mind

We relate good metabolism to good health that keeps our bodies in good shape and mind functioning well. Good metabolism means that body organs are doing what they are designed to do – stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines and other organs working as they should. All the hormones and enzymes are being produced in right amounts. In that case it is quite obvious that our health will be good, our body will be in great shape and our mind will function properly.

However, now days, we have lots of refined foods, taste enhancers, stimulants and additives in the foods we eat. These can impact functioning of our body organs and impact their normal functioning. As a result food digestion, nutrients absorption and waste elimination functions are disrupted. Our internal body mechanisms sometimes even try to compensate for these deviations and can correct it within certain limits. However, when the impact of these food additives persists long, the overall metabolism will suffer thus having negative impact on health, body and mind.

What can we do to keep the metabolic engagement?

I have following suggestions that I have discussed in my earlier blogs ;

  1. Stay alert – Mindful Eating : If we are aware of positive and negative impacts of various foods on our health, we can thus make right decisions and keep metabolic engagement at high levels.
  2. Eat in moderation: Therapeutic Hunger :  Hunger is a signal that our body generates to indicate it needs energy. This energy can come from food, breathing or other cosmic sources. Hunger also sends signal to body organs to function to their best and thus keep firing the metabolic engagement. If we overeat, we kill hunger and this signals some organs to take it easy and might disrupt metabolic engagement.
  3. Choose food carefully: Refine foods, drinks with stimulants and additives can negatively impact digestion, nutrients absorption and waste elimination. Listen to your body, gradually improve intuition power. Here is a good article by Alycee Vayle on “How to Develop Your Intuition (and Why You Should!)” this might help.
  4. Avoid or only moderately drink carbonated/fizzy drinks, sweet drinks, tea, coffee, alcohol, toxicants and energy drinks. These over stimulate or mask our senses and thus interrupt metabolic engagement amongst many other effects.
  5. Exercise regularly in moderation to stay active.
  6. Breathe well and keep good posture.
  7. Help others and do random acts of kindness that increase your happiness.
  8. Relax and figure out your own solutions that no expert can tell you as you know yourself the best.
  9. Help: When you need help from others, don’t hesitate to ask and also offer help to others when they need it.
  10. Stay calm, relaxed and peaceful

Few thoughts to consider and keep the metabolism functioning well.

Best Wishes !

Avnish Bhardwaz

18 thoughts on “Metabolic Engagement: Good Health, Great Body and Fantastic Mind

  1. Great wisdom and great insight which should change many, many lives over many, many years, very big thank you for sharing, sincere regards, Barry

  2. Good insights and helps to re-focus on what is important. in the business of living we loose sight of the act of life and mindfulness. Thank you

  3. Well said. You might want to correct the spelling in the early line:Good metabolism means that body organs are doing what they are designed to do – stomach, liver, kidneys, intestines and other orgasm… I think the final word you want is organisms not orgasm.

  4. Intermittent fasting is a concept where you eat only over the course of about 8 hours of your day. In other words, you cut out breakfast, only eat a light lunch, if any, and have most of your food @ dinner when you are going to rest while your body gets busy digesting. This allows your digestive tract to rest (instead of being stuffed with food all the time,) and forces your body to burn damaged and old cells for fuel which encourages rejuvenation! Also, most of us don’t need nearly as many calories as Big Ag would have you consume. They are making more money the more food you eat so it’s in their best interest that you eat 6x a day, not yours!!!

  5. Great information and advice. That is one of my main goals in helping people learn to eat better and more nutritious foods, as well as add in daily vitamins with minerals to obtain maximum energy. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  6. I’m running a motivational program for women at my local gym that focuses on mind/body connections for overall fitness well-being. I like your suggestion about listening to your body’s intuition. Some powerful wisdom there!

  7. It is important to think of health as a mind/body relationship with your environment and not just your physical body. This post really captures that and speaks to how I view my own health. People tend to forget how being mindful increases your health potential.
    This was an interesting take on metabolism.

  8. Words of wisdom. Cutting out refined foods (or dramatically cutting down) has great effects on body and mind indeed. I’m really enjoying noticing all the changes in my body since starting a clean(er) diet 4 weeks ago.

  9. I love the whole approach! Mind-body-spirit is involved in everything and eating has become such a mindless process in so many of our lives. It’s something I’ve fallen into as well and these are some great tips to make eating just an extension of my yoga practice. Thanks!

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