Real beauty is much deeper than skin: Peace and Purity

While the common expression is: “beauty is only skin deep”, but the real and lasting beauty comes from much inside a person.

Health, Hygiene and Happiness are basic and very important prerequisites for how we look. Healthier person certainly looks more attractive and same goes for hygiene as well. Make up and products do help provide temporary assistance in enhancing the looks or to cover-up the few spots. Any person carrying anger, hatred and jealously inside certainly doesn’t present good looks.

We have certain intelligence at cellular level to detect others persons feelings, call it vibes, frequencies or energy fields. When we detect positive energy fields we think of other person as beautiful. When we detect negatively in health, hygiene, happiness and other energies we feel other person as not so good. I have written on the topic of these energy fields in a previous blog: Soul: life force, field, and energy

I think, it is the peace and purity in a person that gives real and lasting beauty. Other people can detect it at cellular level and feel that aura, vibes or energies. This is the real and lasting beauty that we need to work on through inner peace and purity. It is the peace and purity that makes a person really beautiful. We can detect it from long distances, phenomena we still don’t understand fully, but experience it all around us all the time.

Work on your peace and purity.

Best Wishes!

12 thoughts on “Real beauty is much deeper than skin: Peace and Purity

  1. Wonderful post Bhardwaz! It is indeed true that, most of our interpretations and behaviors towards people are stemming from unknown areas or feelings.All of us possess it, but have ignored it by giving into more basic five senses. This would explain why animals can read our minds and moods and act accordingly, without conversing with us! Would like to hear more from you on this topic!

  2. I do so love your writing and the messages you share. The beauty of a calm, peaceful soul is a radiating light all on its own. It attracts all kinds, like moths to flame. Wonderful post 🙂

  3. I have been working on this for a while now, trying to not only seem happier but also be happier. Maybe I’ll even go for some more confidence boosters again by putting on a bit of make up in the morning again too 🙂
    Than you.

  4. I heard it said once, ‘At birth you have the face that God gave you but at the age of 25, you have the face that you deserve’ and I also associated a calm, peaceful soul with radiating beauty not just on your face but in your body language as well.

    • I think body language is a major player in how we are perceived. We read it on a subconscious level, but it is an important source of input and accounts for some of the “feelings” we get about people without knowing why.

  5. I found this topic interesting and aligns with Bhardwaz.

    affect theory & affective resonance

    “According to Tomkins, a central characteristic of affects is affective resonance, which refers to a person’s tendency to resonate and experience the same affect in response to viewing a display of that affect by another person. Affective resonance is considered to be the original basis for all human communication (before there were words, there was a smile and a nod).”

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