Website & Facebook: Therapeutic Hunger

“Therapeutic Hunger”  promotes a natural way of eating: with care, understanding and awareness. Leave some space in your stomach, improve body posture so the organs aren’t compressed, and breath well to keep up energy and calm mind.

Obesity in the affluent societies of both developed and developing countries is a huge problem. One of the major contributors for it is unconscious habits of eating more than the capacity of our bodies. If we can create awareness in people to eat just the right amount of food based on their individual needs and capacity, and it will immensely improve their health & wellbeing.  Benefits of these simple and effective actions can be excellent physical and mental health.

I have started a Facebook page and Website to get more people engaged in the discussion and to create awareness on “Therapeutic Hunger”.

Please help to promote the message and get more people become aware and engage in this good habit for health and wellbeing.

Get regular updates – LIKE Facebook:

and FAQs on Website:

Book: Theraputic Hunger

Coming soon: Much awaited book on Simple, Sensible, & Stress Free  Healthy Weight Management.  Cracking the Code for Enjoying a Healthy Life and a Healthy Weight.

2 thoughts on “Website & Facebook: Therapeutic Hunger

  1. Eating smaller daily portions, utilizing a digital scale every day, one experiences almost effortless reduction of body weight, savings on food, and greater happiness and energy.

  2. Agreed! There is too much emphasis on the physical body, and therefore, on food. Let us eat what we need and be done with it; in this way we can go about our business and so concentrate on those things in life that are far more relevant and in need of our attention. Good post.

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