Fear is the main cause of suffering.

Fear is the most common cause of suffering. Ever wondered why rich people, poor people, healthy persons, sick persons…almost everyone suffers in life due to one thing or the other. Why Why Why ???

I think suffering is driven by fear: Fear of unknown, uncertain and beyond control.

Fear of loss: People in affluent society have lots of possessions, much more than they ever need or more than they can ever consume. Still in their conscious of unconscious mind they develop attachment and thus fear for loss of the possessions.  Fear for loss of money, prestige, people or surroundings leads to suffering.

Fear due to uncertain outcomes: This universe is far too big and unpredictable for anyone to know the future outcomes and conditions. This gives rise to uncertainties that lead to anxiety and suffering.

How different people handle the Fear:

Each person handles and responds to the conditions around them differently. Some develop stress and anxiety that leads to greater suffering. Others either worries less or takes help to understand what is important and what is real and thus manage stress and anxiety differently.

Religion and Faith:

Most religions have served us well in handling the conditions for particular time and circumstances. Faith also creates a kind of diversion from fear and ease suffering somewhat. Social networks, close family and friends are a great source of support that gives us confidence against uncertainties and thus reduce the fear.

Why we over eat:

Through out the human history, supply for food has been scarce and unpredictable. This has developed into an unconscious fear in our minds. That is perhaps the reason why most of us tend to overeat to overcome an unconscious fear of uncertainly. It is leading to huge obesity epidemic in most of the affluent societies.

Everyone needs to develop their own strategy for handling the fear and take help as needed. We all depend on each other, and thus we should give help and take help to live happily.

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10 thoughts on “Fear is the main cause of suffering.

  1. so true, its ironic, the one thing that use to calm my fear ( the belief in jesus and the afterlife) actually made it worse. my fear being death. i always associate christ with death and it terrifies me. now my faith is ruined and well ive got one hell of an anxiety issue. thanks for writing this.

    • Hi Lauren, your comment is interesting. Because of your strong belief, it’s seems like you may have been feeling the spirit upon you which gives that ever nudging nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach. I know exactly how you feel and yes it’s that fear of the unknown. Come back and start acknowledging Him again. You may need Him soon. Love to chat with you.

  2. I am just reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book, ‘May Cause Miracles’, and she defines a miracle as “a shift in perspective from fear to love.” If we could all our fears could be transformed to love, imagine how different our world would be.

  3. Absolutely… We are awash with fear based on the experiences of our past, and fear of the unknown coming up in the future. But as we always live in the now – we never get to this fearful future, and the past is always a story that no longer exists except in the endless churning of the mind. In the now, really, we are always okay.

  4. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. It brought to mind the line from one of Janis Joplin’s songs “Freedom’s just another word for ‘nothing left to lose’.”

    We need to tend to the mind-body-spirit connection.

  5. Great article. Your thoughts remind me of the power of choice and how people will find whatever it is the look for depending on what they focus their intentions on.

  6. One would say in our faith based communities to look at the fear itself and face it. After facing it, then find the blessing out of it. Once the blessing has been found, that thing you have now feared has become a great light to endure and waiting too be over so that you can get the other part of the blessing that you don’t see.

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