Amazing Low Calorie Diet: Look Good, Feel Better

There is an unstoppable urge and demand for low calorie diets in affluent societies now days. Most of these diets also cost much more than normal food. The marketing hype is huge, and people are so mindful of the calories intake in everything they eat.

Low calories idea.

Since so many people constantly pay attention to calories in take in each every meal, day in day out, they are capable of being mindful.

So if we just shift the focus to eating less – eating half of 1000 calories meal will give us only 500 calories. Thus reducing calories by amazing 50%, and cost by 50% as well and therefore a low calories and low cost diet.

Massive Benefits.

While saving money may not be everyone’s objective. Eating less will also improve their body looks and improve physical and mental health. Thus Look Good and Feel Better.

How does that work:

When we eat less but enough for individual needs and capacity, we can digest better. This leads to better absorption of nutrients into cells throughout the body. This is necessary to provide us energy for day to day activities and also repair and regeneration of various parts of the body.

On the other hand poor digestion and absorption of high volume low calorie diet could result in low energy and might even some damage to health.

Make Informed Choices:

Shift your mindfulness from watching calories to   eating based on individual needs and capacity.

–        Cultivate habit of “Therapeutic Hunger” .

–        Increase digestion and absorption of food.

–        Improve physical and mental health.

–        Be Happy.

The book on “Therapeutic Hunger” is now available at Amazon .

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6 thoughts on “Amazing Low Calorie Diet: Look Good, Feel Better

  1. I’m really enjoying your book, Avnish — and thank you for making it available for Kindle! I plan to mention your ideas on an upcoming diet-related post in my MS blog “Needle Fatigue” — so many of us are on a desperate quest for *what* to eat to make us feel better — often shocking our already stressed systems in the process — when it’s really so much more immediately beneficial to focus on *how* to eat.

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