Breathing: A powerful bridge between Physical and Mental Health

Breathing is an important link between physical and mental health. Perhaps we don’t pay the attention it deserves.

Physical Health: We can live without food and drinks for several hours even few days, but we can’t survive even few minutes without breathing. Deep and slow breathing energizes our bodies and improves physical health.

Mental Health: Once again deep and slow breathing has immense impact on mental and emotional clarity. On the reverse, we tend to have rapid and shallow breathing under stressful conditions.

 Breathing Exercises: Deliberate breathing exercises of slow and deep breath can reverse the mental state from stress conditions to calmness and clarity

Eat properly, Breath properly and Maintain proper posture: Enjoy good physical and Mental Health.

“Therapeutic Hunger” it is now available at Amazon – Both in eBook and Paperback versions based on individual preference. It might be very useful in cultivating good habits for physical and mental health improvements.
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8 thoughts on “Breathing: A powerful bridge between Physical and Mental Health

  1. I really do catch myself breathing ‘short’ and at sometimes even holding my breath… even sometime when I type! -weird 🙂 A few long deep breaths really does relax the whole body and mind. Great Write.

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