Therapeutic Hunger: makes you smarter

Therapeutic Hunger is a practice of eating just the right amount of food, so as to always leave appropriate space in the digestive track organs to allow series of contractions that are important for food digestion, absorption of nutrients and elimination of waste.

Improved breathing:

We are also able to breathe well as diaphragm isn’t over loaded with the weight of excess food. The abdominal breathing allows full use of lungs thus improving physical energy and mental clarity.

Intelligence and Mental Clarity:

Scientific experiments have shown thinking improves when we are mildly hungry. Here is NY Times article on a research by Yale University team: Empty Stomach Intelligence

Most religions used to promote rituals involving some forms of fasting from time to time, perhaps it improved mental clarity and peace.

Watch 1 minute YouTube video to start building habit of “Therapeutic Hunger”

Join the journey, invite your friends and help everyone benefit from improved physical and mental health.

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4 thoughts on “Therapeutic Hunger: makes you smarter

  1. the opposite of hedonic hunger, which from ancient times pushes us toward fat and sugar. therapeutic hunger seems to be natural for some and most difficult for others to master.

    • Thanks for your comments. TH may seem hard, but if we start with small incremental steps and gradually improve it can be done. Better take little longer than no do it at all. We will start email based workshops soon to help people overcome such barriers, keep an eye for it if you know some one who might need help in staying motivated or share ideas.

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