Therapeutic Hunger: Feel lighter, Think clearer and Look good

Therapeutic Hunger is a method of mindful eating so as to eat according to individual needs and capacity. The practices focus on actions that allows enough space in the abdominal cavities that is necessary for the organs to functional normally.

Feel Light:

Numerous testimonials and comments on the blog indicate people feel very light when they don’t completely fill up the stomach. Leaving some space to allow proper digestion, absorption and waste elimination gives a good physical and mental feeling.

Think Clearer and Look Good

When body organs are functioning well and body has enough energy supply through proper absorption of nutrients. This improves both physical and mental health.

Various chapters in the book “Therapeutic Hunger” covers the concepts in details. One section in the book is dedicated to exercises that integrate eating, breathing and right posture. A comprehensive approach is needed for overall success of the program.

We are also offering a FREE email based Therapeutic Hunger workshop that will allow users to participate in self-paced email forums to discuss various exercises in detail.

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3 thoughts on “Therapeutic Hunger: Feel lighter, Think clearer and Look good

  1. I have been practicing this unawares of the research done in this area for the last 3 months. I eat as indicted, just until the hunger sensation leaves. I have lost weight about 20lbs.I probably weigh about 160lbs. now. I look 10 years younger. My mind is sharper, clearer. I feel more agile. My skin is clearer. I used to urinate several times throughout the night at 53 years of age these things begin to happen. But, as of late i sleep sound throughout the night, never awakening for the bathroom. And the only thing I really changed was the amount of food I eat. Not the types of food, because I eat a balanced meal always. But, just the amount.

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