Therapeutic Hunger Workshop to control weight, increase energy and feel well

Thanks for a great response to earlier blog on Therapeutic Hunger workshop.

Only limited places left as we will close the registration for first series over next 2 days.  FREE email based Therapeutic Hunger workshop to help people practice eating habit for just the right amount of food based on their needs and capacity will start this weekend when first email lesson will be sent to all registered participants.

Therapeutic Hunger Forum is a not-for-profit group that is run by dedicated volunteers.

TH is not connected to any group, spiritual or otherwise and is simply a forum for people to share their experiences with mindful eating. Join today ! or just to get more information visit   TH Workshop.

If you want to lose excess weight or just don’t ever want to accumulate excess weight this might be a great opportunity.

Share the information with anyone you think might also benefit. We also welcome comments or any suggestions how we can reach out to help more people.

Best Wishes

TH Forum Volunteers

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