Unconscious eating habit spiral: The SMH article – ‘I am eating myself to death’

An interesting article in the SMH about how people are struck in habits of over eating. Even more dangerous habit, when some people aren’t even aware of their overeating. What most people think as suppressing hunger or eating stomach full is in fact overeating above their body capacity to digest food and properly absorb the nutrients.

Obesity Epidemic

Obesity is a huge problem in the affluent societies of both developed and developing countries. One of the major contributors for it is unconscious habits of eating more that the capacity of our bodies. If we can create awareness in people to eat right amount of food based on their individual needs and capacity, it will immensely improve their health & wellbeing. It will also free up their capacity to help others who need help. Benefits can be exponential and solutions are simple and effective.

Yo- Yo Dieting Spirals:

Most dieting attempts end up in disappointment. I think, there could be several reasons for it.

  • Some people might try too hard and find difficult to keep up the habit.
  • Some might expect miraculous results, too quickly, for long term bad habits.
  • Most systems have standard solutions for everyone without considering individual needs.
  • People have a mind-set of supressing hunger, not realising hunger is important for health & wellbeing.

Holistic Approach

I think narrow focus on diets, super foods or strenuous exercises is also responsible for disappointing results. What is needed a balanced approach for sensible eating, energising breathing and proper posture. This can not only make things easier, but also help to build healthy habits over time and deliver positive health outcomes.

Therapeutic Hunger:

Therapeutic Hunger is a method of mindful eating so as to eat according to individual needs and capacity. The practices focus on actions that allows enough space abdominal cavities that is necessary for the organs to functional normally.

Practice Therapeutic Hunger today!

Change your eating habits, change your life!

Find out more about this program online at http://www.positivehunger.com/

For more information on free email-based workshops, register here at http://www.positivehunger.com/free-workshop-on-th.html

Therapeutic Hunger Forum is a not-for-profit group that is run by dedicated volunteers to help others. TH is not connected to any group, spiritual or otherwise and is simply a forum for people to share their experiences with mindful eating. Join the conversation! Email is today with your experiences and comments!

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