Magnetic Power of Contentment


Contentment is one of the essential elements of Happiness.

It shouldn’t be confused with desirelessness or inactivity. It is in fact a clear focus on the purpose of activity, as opposed to non-contentment that drives endless activity. It is not the contentment in itself that is necessary for happiness, it is the lack of contentment that causes problems.

Contentment when combined with delight in positive results with gratitude and enthusiasm, while still pursuing higher goals in harmony with the environment around us, is real source of happiness. It is this type of contentment that has magnetic powers and radiates love and energy in to everything around us – work, family, friends and society.

Business Environment:

Accomplished businesses very well understand and practice realistic goals and objectives. The practice of setting SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and time bound. Businesses that try to achieve too much usually result in burning out their employees or cause significant damage to their environment.  On the other hand businesses that set relevant and achievable goals in harmony with their social and environmental responsibilities succeed in long run.

Personal Efforts:

Practicing contentment at personal level is a real art; it is fine balance and harmony between compromise and striving for higher results. Contentment falls between inactivity and endless activity and is distinguished by calmly striving for success instead of being driven by anxiety.

When we work with contentment, we not only achieve more in personal and professional fields, we also feel greater sense of joy and happiness around us.

 Feel and practice the attitude of contentment and make a difference to yourself and spread the magnetism in the environment around.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and sharing your experiences.

One thought on “Magnetic Power of Contentment

  1. I agree that practicing contentment is an art – I believe abundance and constantly revisiting how abundant our lives are is key. Thank you for your insights.

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