Keep Right Posture for the body organs to function properly

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Pay attention to right body posture in addition to sensible & mindful eating, slow & deep breathing.

In some postures like sitting in chair body organs are compressed. When compressed the organs could reduce their functions and have negative impact on physical and mental health. These effects are so subtle that we take them as normal and don’t pay much attention. But this could be contributing to huge negative impact on both physical and mental health.

Exercise: Pay attention to right posture, like straight back even when sitting. Stand up and stretch body several times a day. Expand shoulders while sitting, standing and walking.

This practice seems very simple but has profound effect on health & wellbeing. Right posture also improves breathing. Right breathing in turn energises body and clams the mind. This will further reduce the need to eat too much food.

Best Wishes!

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PS: let us know how you are improving mindfulness? What tricks are working for you? Have you created some anchor points that remind you breathing and posture checks?  Anchoring is a good technique to start good practices and turn them in to regular good habits.

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3 thoughts on “Keep Right Posture for the body organs to function properly

  1. Since starting this workshop, I’ve really noticed how easy it is to lapse into a terrible posture at any given part of the day but especially while eating at a table. What I’ve found most helpful is to eat from a small bowl or plate that you can hold in one hand; you can maintain a much better posture in your chair. Eating with a bowl and chopsticks is especially effective, on at least two levels: better posture and more attention to your meal. Also the size of the bowl/plate makes you start out with less; you can always go back for more, IF you really need it.

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