Experience Bliss – Kundalini Techniques

Pelvic floor exercises strengthen pubococcygeus muscles in lower abdominal region. These are highly recommended for women to reduce urinary incontinence after childbirth and reduce premature ejaculatory occurrences in men. However, there is much boarder health benefits for healthier men and women, when they have higher control on pubococcygeus muscles. Moolbandha, as it is known in the ancient yoga literature, is one of the key exercise to improve strength, vitality and relaxation. It is also known to help improve mental health and reduce depression.

I have taken keen interest in learning about “Kundalini” for several years. On and off I read books on this topic, spoke to few yoga experts, read articles in magazines. I was always confused by the description that it is a snake like energy lying dormant in our body. I also read literature on Kundalini Kriyas (techniques or complete set of actions) for awakening Kundalini. I found these techniques very difficult to practice also didn’t experience much change and didn’t even properly understand or make sense of the concept of Kundalini.

Pelvic Floor Exercises:

I also read articles on Kegel exercises that are recommended for both men and women to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. Some suggestions were good, others even suggested use of external apparatus, which I thought could be risky. In a men’s health workshop, an expert even suggested pelvic floor exercises for prevention of prostate cancer.

Breakthrough – Gain Control of Pelvic Floor Muscles:

Breakthrough happened, when I started practicing Therapeutic Hunger, improved breathing and body posture. I felt much better control on my pelvic floor muscles. I started experiencing and understanding the exercises described in Kundalini Kriya and Kegel exercises. I found we rarely exercise the muscles in pelvic floor, as a result we lose control on these muscles without external stimulation. Some individuals might not be able to be able to experience contraction in pelvic floor even with external stimulation, due to excessive stress or excess body weight etc.

If you can control excess visceral fat in the abdominal area, breathe well and gain control of pelvic floor muscles – you can better exercise muscles in pelvic floor region and stimulate them any time you like. Breathing can calm your mind and energise your body, controlled pelvic floor muscle exercise give you control and joy of orgasms whenever you like.

Making Sense of Kundalini:

The writers of Kundalini Power used the analogy of coiled snake to describe dormant energy that is lying unused. If we gain control and expand it and contract it like a snake does to its body, we can use this power for health & wellbeing. We can not only exercise control, but can experience physical and mental relaxation whenever we like, without any external stimulation.

Other good point is that we can experience this any time, without anyone knowing about it. Waiting in a queue, sitting in a chair, or whenever we like. It is much easier to exercise these whenever stomach is light early in the morning or during the day.

I now wonder that people invest so much time, energy and resources on exercises like running, weights etc. while little focus on exercise of internal organs like this one could deliver much higher dividends for health & wellbeing.

Have you tried Kundalini Kriyas? Or Kegel exercises? How have you gained better control of pelvic floor muscles?

Join health and wellbeing journey…..

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5 thoughts on “Experience Bliss – Kundalini Techniques

  1. I must say I’m inconsistent with my Kegels but after reading your piece about Kundalini I’m certainly going to try harder. Three kids have put a bit of strain on my bladder.

  2. I tried many exercise, finally simple exercises described in the book Therapeutic Hunger provided the breakthrough once the lower abdominal region became lighter.

    The exercises are described in self-help guide format in this book.

  3. People with multiple sclerosis often have difficulty with bladder control — this is how I know about Kegel exercises, which I think really help. It amazes me that these exercises and the abdominal “fluttering” you mention in your book are so effective; I think in the Western tradition we really try to forget that we even *have* a lower body much less try to exercise any part of it!

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