Therapeutic Hunger Workshop – Week 4 of 6

Those of you who have been participating in the Therapeutic Hunger workshop through weekly email, so far we have learnt 3 important practices for health and wellbeing

  1. Eat the right amount of food, so as to leave some space in the abdomen that allows proper digestion.
  2. Breathe well to energise the body and relax the mind.
  3. Keep right posture, so the body organs aren’t compressed against each other. This will facilitate contractions in the organs for digestion of food, absorption of nutrients, and elimination of waste.

In this lesson we will focus on interaction of these three and how we can now enhance overall practice for all these 3 steps. This will also help to address some of the barriers we might face in adopting these practices.

Let us take these steps in reverse order now.

  1. Right posture will create more space in our body and it will facilitate improved breathing and digestion that we mentioned in step 2 and 1 respectively.
  2. Improved breathing will provide additional energy to help maintain right posture and improve the digestion process.
  3. Eating right amount of food will also assist efficient breathing and easier to keep right posture.

Hope you can appreciate the linkages and synergy between all these 3 lessons and combining them could bring a quantum leap to your health and wellbeing!

Look forward to hearing your feedback!

This week we are asking:

Let us know how you are progressing with TH? What tricks are working for you? Have you created some anchor points that remind you breathing and posture checks? Anchoring is a good technique to start good practices and turn them in to regular good habits.

For the full program of Therapeutic Hunger, click here.

Or connect with us via the Positive Hunger website.

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