A Tribute: Selfless Service – from different points of view

This weekend I attended a cultural function in which an adorable senior couple was recognised for their selfless service to the community. It was very pleasing to see their contribution being acknowledged and every one was so happy for them. After the function the dinner was served and different people came over to congratulate them for their work and the recognition they received. It was amazed by different observations and comments, all positive yet so different.

Selfless Service:

I have a good fortune to know this elderly couple, in their late seventies, and they are a great source of inspiration and love for me. For many years they have shared their wealth of knowledge, love and material with everyone around them. They regularly teach and inspire young students in local schools and at the same time also support the elderly in community through local charitable organisations. Fortunately they enjoy good health, better than most people much younger than them, and take delight in the selfless service of others from different age groups, cultures and backgrounds. They see Devine in every one and readily help without any expectation back from them.


That evening, in front of an assembly of over 500 people, they were called on the stage as a mark of respect for their selfless service. Not that they wanted any recognition or this recognition will make them to do any more – I am sure they will continue to do the selfless contribution to the best of their abilities (which they have many).

Different Observations of that evening:

Many people congratulated them for the recognition of their work. One person said that you looked so good on the stage. Another person said that they spoke very well. One person said they were glowing with white light and the dress was so elegant. I on the other hand was just thinking about the selfless service they do, the inspiration and love they share with everyone around them. To me it would not have made any difference if they didn’t speak so well, or didn’t dress so well. I was busy admiring their good work. I think it is their goodness that radiates positive energy and perhaps that is what others also saw and expressed it in their own ways.

Human Limitations:

In spite of having such higher qualities, it will be naive to think that they are perfect. Even the Sun who provides us all the resources and nourishment, have some different qualities that could be harmful. I have seen the hints of anger, frustration and desire in them few times. But they still have very open mind and yearning to learn, even at such a senior age. They also fully understand that even the process of teaching others is the best way to learn more themselves.

Good Conduct:

When their name was announced and their good work for the community was being recognised, I thought about range of good activities they do. I was thinking what is it that inspires the most. Is it the knowledge and love they share, the sweets they serve in silverware (I mean real silver bowls and spoons), the fine china cups in which they serve tea to numerous guests at their home?

While different people might think whatever they like, this lovely couple will continue to share the material and non-material wealth. They remain undeterred by what other think or comment. They enjoy the altruistic service that they consider true service to their GOD.

I hope everyone come across inspirational people in their life and benefit from their wealth of knowledge and love.

Best Wishes.

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