Therapeutic Hunger: Workshop 1 – Feedback

I started writing about the concept of Therapeutic Hunger few months ago. Encouraged by readers response and support I published a book as a self-help guide that explains the concepts, suggestions and exercises to gradually practice Therapeutic Hunger, till it becomes an enjoyable habit.

NO extreme dieting, NO exhausting exercises, NO overeating ( Not even super foods)

Following is a sample of feedback from some of the participants in the 1st Therapeutic Hunger Workshop. (FREE 6 weeks self-paced email workshop)


 “I would recommend portion control as something to attention if you feel you weigh too much. Here is a great resource that you might like to check out if you have trouble with over-eating.

It’s a book by a fellow blogger called Therapeutic Hunger and it details how to control your portions and hunger naturally. No tricks, gimmicks or foods to cut out.”

Alyce Vayle – author, professional digital communications copywriter, and radio programs producer.

“ I found the information very helpful and liked the repeating aspect of the lessons. I am much more mindful of my eating as a result.”

“I really like the simplicity of the lessons — not too much to read and simple to apply.”

Ruby Renshaw:

I like the simple one-page-per-week format; TH is a very simple thing to learn but when you give people just a few focus points it helps you digest the information better (sorry for the pun!)…. Sunshine


Have you read the book or practiced Therapeutic Hunger ?

We would love to hear from you.

For the full program of Therapeutic Hunger, click here.

Or connect with us via the Positive Hunger website.

6 thoughts on “Therapeutic Hunger: Workshop 1 – Feedback

  1. Hi there, I certainly feel the benefit of having regular days of fasting through each month, and of eating freshly grown greens. Very interesting blog – thanks for sharing.

  2. I may have to get this. I have often thought of fasting, but and I know this is going to make me sound ridiculous, I am scared of getting too hungry, and then in turn overeating.

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