Good follows Goodness

Many creative people feel that creative ideas follow them. They don’t come up with all such ideas but they spark creativity around them in their environment. Objects, people, and activities around them inspire innovations through such people. This is a very fascinating thought and it is applicable to most aspects of our lives not just innovations.

Law of Attraction:

We are attracted to likes because our behaviors are based on our likes and dislikes. This is quite natural and thus we tend to surround ourselves with what we like. This concept may not be very easy to understand otherwise everyone would be rich and famous, as most people like to have lots of money and also like to be popular. However do most of us also like to be disciplined, hardworking, dedicated and prepared to make sacrifices? Perhaps it is a sum total of all our likes and dislikes that defines what we are or what we are going get.

Likes and Dislikes vs. Good or Bad:

As discussed earlier, it is quite natural for most people to make decision based on their likes and dislikes. Wise people suggest us that we should use our intellect to make decision based on what is good or not good. Even when we don’t like something, but is good for us, we should choose that even if is not to our liking. Makes sense …?

Good company, Advise and Reading good literature:

It is again easier to say that we should make decision by judging what is good or not good instead of our likes and dislikes. However, if we start liking what is good then it wouldn’t be too hard … isn’t it ? And we can do this by keeping good company, being in good environments, reading good books, inspiring literature and good blogs 🙂 . Then we can simply be driven by natural behavior of making decisions based on likes and dislikes.

Fill yourself with goodness and good will follow you everywhere!

Reflect on it !

Best Wishes

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