Magic Formula for instantaneously looking beautiful

I am going share a secret with you on how you can look beautiful. I hope you like and enjoy this….

In order to explain this point I am also going to share another idea that is just reverse of looking beautiful. How to instantaneously look ugly?

Look at pictures of celebrities and famous people that you like and admire most. You will find most of them in those pictures are either supporting a broad smile or at least looking quite happy and contend. Now try to find photos of those people or other famous people in the state of anger. Do they still look beautiful?

You can try on yourself as well. Look in the mirror when you are angry…. How do you look? I bet you will agree that anger is a magical formula for looking ugly in an instance.

By now you might have figured out that if you want to look beautiful you need to make sure you have no anger, hate, anxiety and jealously. All these things make you ugly.

Clarity, Calmness and Purity of mind will enhance your looks in an instance. You will radiate beautiful energy all around you. You will carry this beauty with you and around you and it will get better with time.

Makeup and cosmetic surgery do provide temporary lift, but purity of mind radiates lasting beauty.

Be calm, peaceful and happy! Look beautiful and spread the goodness!

Best Wishes.

3 thoughts on “Magic Formula for instantaneously looking beautiful

  1. I’d like to add too that a smile is an instant face lift. I’m 49 and smile in all my photos, people think I’m in my 20s 🙂

    A smile is definitely a lot cheaper than botox (and healthier!)

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