Hidden Ailments that go undiagnosed

Yesterday, I was quite shaken to learn that a close friend of mine was diagnosed with a malignant cancer. Fortunately, and just by coincidence, it was diagnosed at an early stage and doctors performed surgery to remove the cancerous organ.

I visited him and spend some time with him and talked on various topics of health, family, business and life in general. It is quite an emotional time for him and everyone around him. At the same time it is also time to count the blessings. He is holding very well, and handled this tough situation remarkably well.

We spoke about how was feeling and what it means for him moving forward. The surgeons have removed an organ and now he will have to take medication regularly to replace the function of that part of the body. With that he can at least function normally and feel better. We also spoke about how lucky he was to get it diagnosed so early. What series of events led him to get this diagnosis…etc.

Just as we were getting ready to end this visit, he mentioned that his recovery has been amazingly fast and just in few days he is getting back to normal. Then suddenly he admitted he can’t wait to get back to work, as the toughest challenge for him has been that he can’t relax.

I instantly realised that this might be one of the contributing cause of his predicament. Rest and Relaxation are very important for  recovery and rejuvenation of health and wellbeing. Lack of physical and mental relaxation can result in to various complex issues in life.

While there are some tests can diagnose disease like cancer and others. What about the underlying causes… what kind of biopsy is needed to uncover these undiagnosed ailments that produced imbalance.

I remembered one famous couplet by Kabir (15th Century Sufi Poet) that roughly translates as: If you have peace inside you, there will be no threats and enemies for you. If you can get rid of negative ego, you will be surrounded by kindness.

Lust, anger, arrogance, vanity, infatuation, greed, excessive excitement, unnecessary high attraction, aversion, fraud, hypocrisy and deceit are our internal enemies. If we can control and overcome these weaknesses, we can then lead blissful life – surrounded by Kindness, Patience and Peace.

Best Wishes.

6 thoughts on “Hidden Ailments that go undiagnosed

  1. bhardwazbhardwaz, I so agree with you, balance, peace, happiness and harmony are an important part of good health. Taking a few moments to relax, take some deep breaths and find something that can make you smile for a bit is so important for physical and mental health. I wish your friend a full recovery, love, happiness and good health. (you too!)

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend. Hope things go well for him.
    I am one of those who can’t relax. Easier said than done. Being a child of the seventies/eighties with all the “beginning” of diagnosing of ADD due to what I believe to be fast moving TV and big capitalistic America… it’s a hard thing to do. Yoga, music, massage, eating right blah blah blah, some of us are just tense!!! Continuity of ever changing attitudes and opinions of society and supply/demand of bigger and better, eventually stress will take the toll.
    The toll is a topic of discussion in and of itself and I hope to read some blogs about the opinions of what will happen to the world vs what we will see occur.

  3. I agree. I have a close friend with inoperable brain tumor. It has been treated and is currently as remissed as it will ever be. But all the side effects of tumor and drugs are still killing him. Read the last couple of “thetoughguysez” and you will understand better.

  4. I am relieved to hear that your friend is cancer-free now, and I so appreciate you broaching the subject of the mind-body connection, as it is one that is often ignored. It was only as an adult when I realized that my mental health and physical health go hand-in-hand, and so many pieces of the puzzle fell into place for me, which has enabled be to make much healthier choices to support a holistic approach to living and healing.

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