6 problems with the Weight Watchers program and 6 solutions

Alyce Vayle Author

I don’t know too many people (especially, I hate to say, women) who have never tried Weight Watchers. Their method of prescribing a “points value” to food has been praised by many and I know that lots of people do find success with the program. Not everybody loses weight permanently with Weight Watchers, in fact, there is evidence that suggests that diets don’t work and any weight you lose will be gained back.

1. They focus too much on food

This is shifting slightly but I remember coming away from a Weight Watchers meeting with a series of little recepie books filled with pictures of tantalizing food. This is not a good thing to give a person who is trying to lose weight. Photographs of food are ‘triggering’ and make you feel like eating. I remember going to their website and it was the same deal – hundreds and hundreds…

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One thought on “6 problems with the Weight Watchers program and 6 solutions

  1. I had been to weight watchers 3 times over the years. The first before they started using points I lost 50 pounds. Years later I returned to re lose that weight but cannot stand the fact that they sell such crap for food and no one comes away knowing anything about nutrition. You are right about the focus being on food. That’s all I thought about.

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