Why you should always eat 3 meals a day

Alyce Vayle Author

I used to stave myself. And then overeat. I used to restrict myself heavily. And then I would binge on foods I didn’t even like. I used to exercise daily and wake up in the early hours to go to the gym. Then I would beat myself up for missing a day, or failing to run the set pace I had designated.

I was cruel and harsh with myself. Nothing I ever did was good enough.

The things I have done to my body to lose weight

I have dabbled in fasting over my lifetime. I still think that fasting is a useful tool for the human body. Catholics fast. Buddhists fast. Muslims fast. Jews fast. Even Anglicans fast on occasion, such as for saints’ feasts days. Fasting has been a human practice since the beginning of recorded history. And now it is coming back into fashion.

Is fasting…

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