Burn Fat Faster – Back to Basics


It is quite easy. Surprised!

Here is why and how

  1. Digestion space:  Just a like any other food processer abdomen needs space to properly process the food and make it ready for digestion and nutrients absorption in the intestines. Mostly we overeat and fill the stomach more than its capacity as a result fat and other hard to digest foods pass partially or completely unprocessed into intestines.
  2. Reduce Stress: Stress reduces our capacity to digest food and burn fat. Mediation is an excellent tool to learn to cope better with all situations. We can’t change every situation, but we can certainly learn to better deal with situations out of our control. This will also give us energy that would otherwise be wasted through unproductive stress and help us to perform better in life and enjoy good health.
  3. Mindful Eating: We need to be mindful in everything we do and no less in eating. Therapeutic Hunger is a method of mindful eating so as to eat according to individual needs and capacity. The practices focus on actions that allows enough space in abdomen that is necessary for the organs to functional normally
  4. Eat good food: Much is written about it and sometime good food is over emphasized and marketed by business. Still enjoy what you eat, have more variety of food. Eat more easy to digest food, but within manageable portions within Therapeutic Hunger frame work.
  5. Do random acts of kindness: It is our true nature to help others.  It gives lasting happiness to help others. Do random acts of kindness and help others wherever and whenever you can. Like us on Facebook to help spread the word and create more ideas sharing: https://www.facebook.com/therapeutichunger

Last but not least… take control and be your own master.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year 2014 !

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