Mindful Eating – Simple Steps

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness. In particular mindful eating can immensely increase digestion as well as help us improve eating habits over time.

Here are some simple steps that helped me get into the habit.

During the meal: While you are eating the food, be thankful to the nature for providing nutrition. Think about how well it is going to mix and dissolve into nutrients in your body.

Few minutes after the meal: Imagine the food you just ate few minutes ago is getting mixed in your body. Pay attention to the amount of food you had. Was it too much, perhaps little loess would digest better next time. May be too little and you might be able to have some more in a while. Great feeling !  Express gratitude and feel the happiness.

An hour or so after the meal: Pay attention to digestion and how you feel. Gradually you will start listening to the signals from your body and get in harmony.

Tip:  Don’t be too hard on yourself. Rome wasn’t built in a day… Take small steps and enjoy the journey J

This has worked for me. Perhaps it might give you some idea what will work for you and you can modify it accordingly. We are all individuals and thus one solution may not apply to everyone. However, we can get ideas from other and adopt to our own situation accordingly.

Best wishes!

PS: Do share and help others. Everyone happy around us gives us lasting happiness !

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