Second Edition: Therapeutic Hunger – Get your Ideas Included

Breath into good health. We breath both consciously and unconsciously. This has immense effect on our physical and mental health. Being mindful and regular practice can deliver huge benefits.


 Light Bulb

Thank You:
We are very thankful to you the readers, who have submitted many questions and comments to this blog and the book. Your encouragement has inspired us write more and publish second edition of the book on Therapeutic Hunger in next few months. Both Yvette Maurice and I committed to create awareness of our readers and set them on path to success for health and wellbeing.

First Edition: Therapeutic Hunger:
Therapeutic Hunger is a method of mindful eating so as to eat according to individual needs and capacity. You will feel very light when you don’t completely fill up the stomach. Leaving some space to allow proper digestion, absorption and waste elimination gives a good physical and mental feeling.

New ideas and models: Best Practices
We have now gathered many ideas that have worked best for our readers, questions they asked and experiences they have shared.
Some of…

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