I am starting this blog to capture my thoughts on various topics….I will try to keep the topics short, and simple. I will add more information as I learn more about blogging and navigate various features and tools available.

Why we over eat:

Through our human history, supply for food has been scarce and unpredictable. This has developed into an unconscious fear in our minds. That is perhaps the reason why most of us tend to overeat to overcome an unconscious fear of uncertainly. It is leading to huge obesity epidemic in most of affluent societies.


We are also offering a FREE email based Therapeutic Hunger workshop that will allow users to participate in self-paced email forums to discuss various exercises in detail.

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18. Therapeutic Hunger: Feel lighter, Think clearer and Look good

17. FREE workshop on practicing Therapeutic Hunger

16. Purpose Of Life: Discovered

15. Real beauty is much deeper than skin: Peace and Purity

14. Metabolic Engagement: Good Health, Great Body and Fantastic Mind

13. Mindful Eating & Eliminating Diabetes

12. Forces of Influence: Habits, Mind-set and Behaviour

11. Best Anti-aging Drug: Habits, Reactions and Life Style

10. Consume: More Less or Yoga – Paradox

9.  Understand Digestion:   Good Eating, Better Feeling and Excellent Health

8.  Soul: life force, field, and energy

7.  Mindful Eating: More Energy, Proper Weight, and Better Health

6.  Therapeutic Hunger: Habitual Mindless eating to Mindful eating

5.  Happiness: 3 Essential Elements

4.  Yoga: Union or Harmonious Integration.

3.  Guru: Teacher – one is good, many is better, self is best.

2.  Relax: What, Why, and Which

1.  Holidays – Relax, Reflect and Reform


You can scroll through these on my home page. Hope you like these 🙂

Namo Namah !


25 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice insight on your posts! Thanks for coming by to like my last post on Backyard Philosophy. I really appreciate it. Keep up the writing!


  2. Thanks for liking herbork.com. Yoga, eh? Truly splendid! However, permit me to say, tai chi may be even better since it is the only exercise system known to man without tension-release cycles. Hence the name — “supreme ultimate.” Best of luck!

  3. Good information. are you a health professional or very interested hobbyist? I appreciate that your information is not out of the mainstream of popular medical thought!

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