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Sam-Vedan-Sheel is the ability, mindfulness and knowledge ( may be skill) to see different points of views. Be able to feel what others are feeling and our own feeling as well. Normally we have our own point of view and partially or fully blind to other points of views or feelings. Feeling of equanimity does … Continue reading

Digestive Health

Do we pay attention to our Digestive Health as much as we are conscious of our Physical and Mental Health ? Physical Health: Over the years have certainly done very well to focus on Physical Health as it makes us look good . Indirectly it does contribute to good feelings as well. We invest time and … Continue reading

Mindful Eating – Simple Steps

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness. In particular mindful eating can immensely increase digestion as well as help us improve eating habits over time. Here are some simple steps that helped me get into the habit. During the meal: While you are eating the food, be thankful to the nature for providing nutrition. Think about … Continue reading

Burn Fat Faster – Back to Basics

  It is quite easy. Surprised! Here is why and how Digestion space:  Just a like any other food processer abdomen needs space to properly process the food and make it ready for digestion and nutrients absorption in the intestines. Mostly we overeat and fill the stomach more than its capacity as a result fat … Continue reading

FREE workshop on practicing Therapeutic Hunger

Are you struggling with food issues? Do you feel that food controls you? Are you overweight and find that no diets seem to work? Or Just interested in  practicing Therapeutic Hunger ! Theme: Cultivate the habit of eating just the right amount of food, based on individual needs and capacity with an aim to optimise digestion, … Continue reading