Mindful Eating – Simple Steps

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness. In particular mindful eating can immensely increase digestion as well as help us improve eating habits over time. Here are some simple steps that helped me get into the habit. During the meal: While you are eating the food, be thankful to the nature for providing nutrition. Think about … Continue reading

Burn Fat Faster – Back to Basics

  It is quite easy. Surprised! Here is why and how Digestion space:  Just a like any other food processer abdomen needs space to properly process the food and make it ready for digestion and nutrients absorption in the intestines. Mostly we overeat and fill the stomach more than its capacity as a result fat … Continue reading

Happiness 2014

Cheers To New Year 2014 ! There are two main options for pursuing Happiness Option 1:  Change everyone and every thing in universe to adopt to your needs. Option 2: Be flexible and make small changes in yourself to adjust to the environment you are at the moment. Choice is yours Best Wishes. Happy, Healthy … Continue reading

Hidden Ailments that go undiagnosed

Yesterday, I was quite shaken to learn that a close friend of mine was diagnosed with a malignant cancer. Fortunately, and just by coincidence, it was diagnosed at an early stage and doctors performed surgery to remove the cancerous organ. I visited him and spend some time with him and talked on various topics of … Continue reading