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18. Therapeutic Hunger: Feel lighter, Think clearer and Look good

17. FREE workshop on practicing Therapeutic Hunger

16. Purpose Of Life: Discovered

15. Real beauty is much deeper than skin: Peace and Purity

14. Metabolic Engagement: Good Health, Great Body and Fantastic Mind

13. Mindful Eating & Eliminating Diabetes

12. Forces of Influence: Habits, Mind-set and Behaviour

11. Best Anti-aging Drug: Habits, Reactions and Life Style

10. Consume: More Less or Yoga – Paradox

9.  Understand Digestion:   Good Eating, Better Feeling and Excellent Health

8.  Soul: life force, field, and energy

7.  Mindful Eating: More Energy, Proper Weight, and Better Health

6.  Therapeutic Hunger: Habitual Mindless eating to Mindful eating

5.  Happiness: 3 Essential Elements

4.  Yoga: Union or Harmonious Integration.

3.  Guru: Teacher – one is good, many is better, self is best.

2.  Relax: What, Why, and Which

1.  Holidays – Relax, Reflect and Reform


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