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Digestive Health

Do we pay attention to our Digestive Health as much as we are conscious of our Physical and Mental Health ? Physical Health: Over the years have certainly done very well to focus on Physical Health as it makes us look good . Indirectly it does contribute to good feelings as well. We invest time and … Continue reading

Keep Right Posture for the body organs to function properly

Pay attention to right body posture in addition to sensible & mindful eating, slow & deep breathing. In some postures like sitting in chair body organs are compressed. When compressed the organs could reduce their functions and have negative impact on physical and mental health. These effects are so subtle that we take them as normal and don’t … Continue reading

Fast Diet, Gradual Diet or Sensible Eating

  A large variety of dieting ideas have been in the market and some of them have been very popular for a while. Now days there is lot of talk about intermittent fasting or Fast diet. I personally feel it can be good, to get body used to hunger. Time will tell, if it can deliver lasting … Continue reading

Website & Facebook: Therapeutic Hunger

“Therapeutic Hunger”  promotes a natural way of eating: with care, understanding and awareness. Leave some space in your stomach, improve body posture so the organs aren’t compressed, and breath well to keep up energy and calm mind. Obesity in the affluent societies of both developed and developing countries is a huge problem. One of the … Continue reading

Mindful Eating & Eliminating Diabetes

Reposting from… Pamela Ziemann’s Blog Mindful Eating: Listen on MP3 or on YouTube Pamela Ziemann and I talk about Mindful Eating and my path to overcoming diabetes. The key for me was being more aware, slowing down and eating less. I became healthier, happier and actually got more done with this approach. Few years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 … Continue reading