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Digestive Health

Do we pay attention to our Digestive Health as much as we are conscious of our Physical and Mental Health ? Physical Health: Over the years have certainly done very well to focus on Physical Health as it makes us look good . Indirectly it does contribute to good feelings as well. We invest time and … Continue reading

Good Health – Eating, Breathing and Spinal Exercises

  A balanced, harmonious and integrated approach to eating food, breathing and spinal exercise has significant impact on health and wellbeing. I have learnt this through several years of experiments and observations. Now many people have validated my experiences and have benefited from them. I have written about “Therapeutic Hunger” on my earlier blogs, also … Continue reading

Fast Diet, Gradual Diet or Sensible Eating

  A large variety of dieting ideas have been in the market and some of them have been very popular for a while. Now days there is lot of talk about intermittent fasting or Fast diet. I personally feel it can be good, to get body used to hunger. Time will tell, if it can deliver lasting … Continue reading

Amazing Low Calorie Diet: Look Good, Feel Better

There is an unstoppable urge and demand for low calorie diets in affluent societies now days. Most of these diets also cost much more than normal food. The marketing hype is huge, and people are so mindful of the calories intake in everything they eat. Low calories idea. Since so many people constantly pay attention … Continue reading