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Forces Of Influence: Habits, Mindset, Behaviors

In the ancient literature: Yogic, Jain, Buddhist and Vedic philosophers have described 8 forces that influence our habits, mindset and behaviors. We are either carried away by attraction towards these forces or get lost through fear or aversion towards some of these. It is important to be aware of these influences, so we can have better … Continue reading

Consume: More, Less or Yoga – Paradox

Consume less, eliminate waste, keep costs low, and become efficient: Businesses, Governments, and smart people understand this very well for themselves, but they want everyone else to buy more, eat more, or consume more to grow their business, economy or wealth. Businesses understand the value of cost control. They deploy every possible means to keep … Continue reading

Soul: life force, field, and energy

It is a well known scientific principle, that all objects that carry different form of energy radiate that energy to their environment. Hot objects radiate head, cold objects spread coolness. Human are no different, we all radiate some form of energy. How much we can feel it is only limited by the ability of our … Continue reading

Happiness: 3 Essential Elements

There are many short term happiness solutions, we all know. Examples of these include parties, concerts, holidays, running, exercising and even mediation. While some or most of these provide quick relief and even impression of happiness, the effects don’t last. Sometimes, the long term side effects, of some of these activities result into more disappointment, … Continue reading