Hunger For Health

If you want to be healthy, it is necessary that you are hungry. Undigested food causes health issues overtime and the changes are so gradual so we fail to realise our mistakes. Undigested Food. Any food we eat while we still have hunger is likely to be digested, and absorbed in the body. Surplus food … Continue reading

My Way the Right Way: MYRY Disease

  Humans for a long time seem to have suffered from this problem. Be it religion, politics, business, streets and at home every one seems to think they are right and everyone else is wrong.. Most people suffer from it to varying degree, if you suffer less you are very fortunate. Throughout human history people … Continue reading

Mindful Eating – Simple Steps

There are numerous benefits of mindfulness. In particular mindful eating can immensely increase digestion as well as help us improve eating habits over time. Here are some simple steps that helped me get into the habit. During the meal: While you are eating the food, be thankful to the nature for providing nutrition. Think about … Continue reading

Burn Fat Faster – Back to Basics

  It is quite easy. Surprised! Here is why and how Digestion space:  Just a like any other food processer abdomen needs space to properly process the food and make it ready for digestion and nutrients absorption in the intestines. Mostly we overeat and fill the stomach more than its capacity as a result fat … Continue reading