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Good follows Goodness

Many creative people feel that creative ideas follow them. They don’t come up with all such ideas but they spark creativity around them in their environment. Objects, people, and activities around them inspire innovations through such people. This is a very fascinating thought and it is applicable to most aspects of our lives not just … Continue reading

Breathing for good health and weight loss

Breathing is something most of us take it for granted and it is one of the most important life sustaining energy sources. We can survive without food for few days, but can’t survive without breathing even few minutes. It is the very first act we do on coming to this world is to breathe air … Continue reading

Fast Diet, Gradual Diet or Sensible Eating

  A large variety of dieting ideas have been in the market and some of them have been very popular for a while. Now days there is lot of talk about intermittent fasting or Fast diet. I personally feel it can be good, to get body used to hunger. Time will tell, if it can deliver lasting … Continue reading

Mindful Eating & Eliminating Diabetes

Reposting from… Pamela Ziemann’s Blog Mindful Eating: Listen on MP3 or on YouTube Pamela Ziemann and I talk about Mindful Eating and my path to overcoming diabetes. The key for me was being more aware, slowing down and eating less. I became healthier, happier and actually got more done with this approach. Few years ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 … Continue reading