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Breathing for good health and weight loss

Breathing is something most of us take it for granted and it is one of the most important life sustaining energy sources. We can survive without food for few days, but can’t survive without breathing even few minutes. It is the very first act we do on coming to this world is to breathe air … Continue reading

Fear is the main cause of suffering.

Fear is the most common cause of suffering. Ever wondered why rich people, poor people, healthy persons, sick persons…almost everyone suffers in life due to one thing or the other. Why Why Why ??? I think suffering is driven by fear: Fear of unknown, uncertain and beyond control. Fear of loss: People in affluent society … Continue reading

Website & Facebook: Therapeutic Hunger

“Therapeutic Hunger”  promotes a natural way of eating: with care, understanding and awareness. Leave some space in your stomach, improve body posture so the organs aren’t compressed, and breath well to keep up energy and calm mind. Obesity in the affluent societies of both developed and developing countries is a huge problem. One of the … Continue reading