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Digestive Health

Do we pay attention to our Digestive Health as much as we are conscious of our Physical and Mental Health ? Physical Health: Over the years have certainly done very well to focus on Physical Health as it makes us look good . Indirectly it does contribute to good feelings as well. We invest time and … Continue reading

3 Treasures: Sympathy, Simplicity and Stillness

Kindness: We are all interconnected and interdependent in this universe. Human are hardwired to care for others. It gives true happiness. If you hold hatred you can never be happy, even with abundance of luxury. Anger in return for Anger is disaster. In contrast love, compassion, tolerance and patience brings joy and happiness – and … Continue reading

Real beauty is much deeper than skin: Peace and Purity

While the common expression is: “beauty is only skin deep”, but the real and lasting beauty comes from much inside a person. Health, Hygiene and Happiness are basic and very important prerequisites for how we look. Healthier person certainly looks more attractive and same goes for hygiene as well. Make up and products do help … Continue reading