Purpose of Life: Discovered

Purpose of Life –

This statement might surprise you, but I think – I might have discovered the purpose of life. In any case it is an interesting topic that we all envisage at one time or another.

Check List

I think we are in a state of joy and bliss when are :

  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • and Content

If you have tick in all these boxes you don’t need to change anything. You are in right state, conditions and environment.


If you have a cross in any of those boxes…. Then there is more work or some change required.

As we contemplate on the plants and animals, we will find they all play significant roles on recycling various elements of nature and keep the life cycles going. I think Human are no different. We are also playing important role in the cycle or chain of life in nature. While doing this – if we are healthy, happy and content – we are doing it right. If not, we need to work on making some changes to convert NO (X) to YES (√).

I think, this is a good test…. What do you think?

any X in the list above = Struggle

All √ on the list above = Joy & Bliss

Change comes from within

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks about changing himself/herself….”

As quoted in The Artist’s Way at Work: Riding the Dragon (1999) by Mark A. Bryan with Julia Cameron and Catherine A. Allen

We can’t control nature and conditions. We most control in changing ourselves.

Sooner we realize this; we will become happier and more effective in achieving the purpose of life a true state of bliss! –  Real freedom from bondages.

For any questions , comments or suggestions my direct contact is also on http://tinyurl.com/1234TH

9 thoughts on “Purpose of Life: Discovered

  1. Right on target!!!!! Ayurveda: Science of Life shows us the clues of how our food habits are the foundational baseline which create our imbalances. Adjust our tastes, the foods we eat, and we change the way we think, our behaviors, our happiness and joy, our very lives.

  2. Your post evokes for me the metta (loving kindness) sutra in Buddhism; there is a brief prayer based on the sutra that has many versions but the one I recite before meditating includes just these words: “May I be healthy, happy, and peaceful.” You wish this for yourself first, and then extend it gradually to all living beings. For people like me who have a chronic illness, checking that “healthy” box sometimes takes effort, but I keep in mind that health is more than a physical thing. For me, the very perception that I’m unwell is a bond that needs to be broken. Every positive thing I do for myself to feel better is in some way effective. Thanks for these thoughts!

  3. I so agree with your content but maybe not the quote about not looking to change oneself. I’m taking liberty here–but I come from the generation that ‘dropped out to find themselves’–in the 60’s… so maybe the trend was changing then. Many of us know that is the answer. I think the work we (you) are doing is part of that process. And society changes slowly. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize (joy, contentment) and keep finding ourselves… as you say, internally (eternally).

  4. First is rather “alive” and second is “happy”. Because all three “healthy”, “happy” and “content” are included in “alive” and “happy”.

    By “alive” I also mean having all means for live: food, shelter, health, etc. It’s more for poorest part of the World, which also happens to be the biggest part of the World.

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