Is Eating “6 Small Meals a Day to Keep Your Metabolism Going” a Myth?

Good idea to eat in smaller quantities, as long as you stay in control and only eat what you need and when you need to eat.

Alyce Vayle Author

There are so many studies that tell us to eat regularly throughout the day to keep our metabolisms going. It seems that many of us these days are afraid of ever going hungry.

Small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism going

Many nutritionists and dieticians believe that eating smaller, frequent meals throughout the day is the best way for your body to keep its metabolism firing. One of my fave publications The Daily Mail has an article on this where they speak to nutritionist Antony Haynes who speaks about what the typical Briton eats in a day. I love reading other people’s food diaries, especially ones from overseas. It’s interesting to see the differing products and types of foods.

What a typical Briton eats: no time for a proper meal

The article says that a typical Briton might not manage 3 square meals a day, but is more…

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